Here’s How to Write a Resume without the Number One Writing Mistake

Here’s How to Write a Resume without the Number One Writing Mistake

Many people get chills when they think about writing their resume. Fortunately, resume writing should not be all that hard. It is, therefore, possible to do it on your own without seeking the services of resume writing companies. But, you should avoid making the big mistake made by so many people when they start writing their resume. If you want to be invited for that job interview, your resume must be well-written. Not many people enjoy writing their resumes. To some, this task is so dreadful that these people prefer hiring a company or an individual to write for them their resume which can be expensive.
So what is this number one mistake that people make when writing a resume? The mistake is, writing a resume that is not specific for the job they’re applying. This means that they have a general resume. Some people look for shortcuts of creating a resume that they can use for different jobs. They think that one resume can fit all kinds of jobs.

There you have it! This is the mistake that most people make. But we have good news for you. Because several people write generic resumes, there’s a good chance of creating a resume that is distinct meaning it is specifically for the job you’re applying for. This is how you can create a resume that is job-specific. Before you write a resume, have a list of the requirements for the job that you are looking for. You should gear up your resume for the particular job you’re applying for. So if you’re applying for different jobs then you should have different resumes.

Then list down all the related experience. Ignore any unrelated experience which should be omitted in your resume. Such can distract your resume hence you should ensure your resume contains only related experience. Work experience, leadership activities, volunteer positions and internships are some of the types of experience to include in your resume. Third, list down all your personal strengths. All employers value qualities such as good communication skills, leadership and teamwork. So you should highlight them in your resume.

After you’ve created a list of what is required in the job, any relevant experience, personal strengths, you can now create a powerful and brief description of every section of the relevant experience. These brief descriptions should align with personal strengths as well as job requirements. You will be combining the three parts into powerful and short statements. Now that you have the crafted descriptions, begin plugging them in various parts using subheadings like career goal, experience, extra-curricular, education, and references. A resume template can guide you at this point.

Fortunately, for most people in resume writing, they don’t set time aside to craft the descriptions. If you create the experiences, strengths which match the job requirements, you will come up with a resume that is focused on a particular job. Such a resume will stand out from all other resumes.

Here’s How to Write a Resume without the Number One Writing Mistake
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