What Are The First Impressions When Writing A Winning Resume?

What Are The First Impressions When Writing A Winning Resume?

The first interaction that is made between a recruiter and a job seeker is through the resume. For any advertised job, there are thousands of resumes submitted. The main goal here is to capture the recruiter’s eye and divert it away from the other resumes on his desk. The purpose of this article is to empower you to come up with a job-winning resume that will create a lasting impression to your prospective boss.

The first thing a job seeker should do is know the objective of the resume. One objective that a resume does for the job seeker is clinching an interview invite which could lead to getting that job you’re applying for. By having a lengthy resume talking about your life in story form, only ends up making you look for desperate to get the job.

Secondly, your attributes, weaknesses, strengths, and skills should be well known. This can be achieved by utilizing real-life experiences in your work environment. These qualities should be brought out clearly failing which they will be cosmetic to the prospective employer.

Use keywords. Several businesses today are relying on the infrastructure of information technology. If you are looking for would-be employees, then companies will do a search on the resume databases through a keyword. So, when writing your resume ensures you use relevant keywords appropriately for the job at hand.

Include past job titles. Employers spend very little time going through the thousands of resumes sent for an advertised job. But they may spend a little bit more time on the section of positions previously held and titles acquired. So when including titles, use phrases that are descriptive such that they will showcase the positions you held to the recruiter.

Do a spell and grammatical check.  There is no level of emphasis that can be put on the need to submit resumes that do not have grammar and spelling mistakes. You may lose a would-be position due to typographical errors. Spend time and go through your final draft, if you can send it to either a family member or a relative. Furthermore, sentence structure and font matter so much. Do not throw capital letters anywhere in the resume. Do not use any fancy fonts stick to the Times New Roman size 12.

Remember to state your objectives and goals. Out of the many reasons that a recruiter would be looking for an employee that is distinct is because of what you’ll bring to the company. So when writing down your resume, make sure it clearly brings out the whole objective. You will not even need to dedicate a section to explaining your aspirations.

Finally, if you want help on writing a good professional resume, then ask your relatives and friends of any resume writer they ever worked with. Let them inform you of their encounter with them. This will help to decide on the expert resume writer who will design the best interaction between you and your prospective employer.


What Are The First Impressions When Writing A Winning Resume?
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